Hosting for Software Companies

If you are a software company or a software developer and would like your product to reach more people, call L'Hote Company today!

Features of hosting your software with L'Hote:

  • Reduce the cost of program rewrites to accommodate customers' Operating System changes
  • Reduce costs of maintaining/supporting customer pc's in the field
  • Reduce costs of help desk support
  • Enhance your technical support with the ability to shadow your customers' screen moves during support calls
  • Increase your monthly revenue by leasing your software on a monthly/yearly basis
  • Save money on hardware by placing your software on our existing infrastructure

Benefits to your customers might include:

  • Savings on hardware and IT costs
  • Reduced time with Technical Support
  • Eliminated hardware slowdowns that cut productivity
  • Expanded customer or user base
  • Secure data storage with automatic backups and updates
  • Access to their data from any location with internet access
  • FLEXIBILITY FOR EMPLOYEES TO WORK FROM HOME, saving gas money and office space.

We want your business to succeed! L'Hote Company could design a plan where you only pay us for the number of users on our servers. We will sign all nondisclosure agreements on your software and give you a free trial to test your software on our servers. You could continue to offer your services as they are today and simply add an online version as an option.

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