L'Hote Company provides proven hosted computing systems that deliver maximum sustained reliability, performance and cost savings to our customers. Our hosted systems may be used for virtually any Windows-based business application to meet your needs.


L'Hote is your answer to time-consuming and costly IT support:

  • If we host your software applications, the servers, hardware and software updates are maintained by L'Hote
  • Nightly offsite backups are performed automatically
  • L'Hote's infrastructure is secure, redundant, and reliable.
Our service provides secure Internet access to your business applications (most any Windows-based program), including accounting, database, financial, medical practice, collaborative or Microsoft Office productivity software (Word, Excel ), as well as other custom business applications.


By having L'Hote Company host your critical business applications:

  • Your Data is Safe, Secure, and available anywhere with an internet connection
  • Centrally hosted Databases and Applications are available for Multiple Locations
  • You could give your employees more flexibility by allowing them to work from home
  • Applications are immune from Operating System changes and outdated PC's.
  • Save money on hardware by using "thin client" machines.
  • Your IT budget is level, with no need for expensive server upgrades or hardware purchases.

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